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‘Ashe Business Consulting Limited’s core mission is to provide strategic, financial and senior executive general management, advice, support and expertise to schools, academies and sixth form colleges in order to ensure these institutions can focus on their primary objective, the education of our next generation. 

Our team in have years of experience and expertise working in the Education Management, Accounting and Banking industries. We believe that by actively listening, working alongside our stakeholders, and with our experience and track record, we are uniquely qualified to understand what schools and colleges need and to provide the relevant bespoke service(s) that meets those needs.

For Businesses and Small and Medium Enterprises we offer business solutions including accounting services, Advisory and Project Management Services, and we use modern methods and technology such as apps that help improve your efficiency and productivity.’

For more information  call us on 01375 430041  or email at

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Our Services

Free School Assistance

• You have been thinking about setting up a free school…

• You are in the process of setting up a free school and have started the application….

• You have had knockbacks during the application….

• We can help you with all the above scenarios and more.

We have done this several times, have tried and tested techniques and resources to exponentially increase your chances of success.

We can help you with your application ensuring it encapsulates all the key elements of your vision and why your free school is needed.

We can hold your hand through working out what you need to do to find a site, the numerous inspections and regulations, procurement and staff recruitment.

We can work with you to manage the build, market the school and make sure all the relevant regulations, due diligence and legalities are observed.

Once your school is up and running, we can help you with the day-to-day running of the school.

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Accounting and Bookkeeping

• If you took on three more members of staff, what would that mean to the bottom line?

• An inspection must be due soon, is all in order financially?

• You are trying to put together a budget for next year but keep getting interrupted…

• Have we the most up to date controls, checks and balances in place?

• Do we need a new accounting system?

• We can help you with all the above scenarios and more…

• As qualified accountants with expertise in education, we can help you with all these challenges.

• We can be on-site to complement your existing staff or be your staff, could be on an ad-hoc or more regular, whichever model works for you.

• If you are an Academy Trust, we can fulfil your compulsory obligation of having a designated CFO.

We can help you with statutory accounts as well as management accounts functions to support business decisions. We can help you understand the financial implications of your decisions without you having to do all the analysis yourself.

You still have the control and the answers without having to do all the work yourself.

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School Business Management Support

• Are my managers performing to the best of their ability?

• Do they need more training? Have they the right skills?

• Have they all had appraisals recently?

Could the school/college be structured differently?

• Have we the most up to date HR procedures?

• We can help you with all the above scenarios.

• We have reputable trained experts with extensive knowledge of the NASBM professional standards.

• We can do a skills analysis of your key staff and identify training needs.

• We can work with you to ensure all staff have a professional development plan.

• We can create or/and review your HR policies on a periodic basis to ensure they cover everything they need to.

• We can create a training plan and execute aimed at both technical or soft skills.

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More Services

Ad-hoc Projects and Services

• Not sure what you need?

• Maybe you are thinking of converting to an Academy trust.

• Maybe you are thinking of converting from a single Academy trust to a multiple one.

• Where should we be in 5 years’ time?

• Are our finances in the best state they could be?

• Do our procurement procedures need revisiting?

….plus all those questions you haven’t thought of yet.

With our team of experts, we can help you answer some of these concerns by reviewing what you are doing now, identify opportunities and help you to implement solutions to these opportunities.

As well as help the day-to-day running, we can assist with strategic reviews and ad-hoc projects.

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We are members of the ICPA and certified QuickBooks practitiioners.

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